Saab Key Replacement

It can be extremely frustrating to lose or have your car keys stolen. It’s simple and affordable to get a new car key if there is an additional key.

You’ll need to take out the electronic component of your old key fob and then program it into your car using a saab Technology 2 device. You’ll pay a fee when you put off this process.

Keys lost or stolen

The car key is the same easy to make copies of now like it was a decade ago. The only difference is that modern keys come with an electronic chip inside them. The chips offer a great deal of protection against theft as well as key copying. This does not mean you will never misplace your key.

If you do lose your keys, don’t panic! The first thing to do is to look over the places in which you typically store your keys. You might find them in the pocket of your pants or jacket or even on the floor beside your front door. If you are unable to locate your keys, you can call an locksmith who will be sent to your car to help you locate them.

If all of your keys are missing an authorized dealer will replace your car computer (SAAB CIM or SAAB Twice) in order to create your a new key. This can be expensive and can take several days to complete. We can reprogram the EEPROM of your computer to save money.

03-11 SAAB 9-3 owners are aware that the ignition key is not very robust. They tend to become sticky, and the buttons may be removed from time to moment. You should create a copy of your ignition key if only you have one. This will protect you from any hassles.


Saab owners are advised to have a spare key on hand, because it’s simpler to replace a stolen or lost one. If you lose just one key, it’s not the same. It’s expensive to add the second key, and it will require the dealer installing and programming the new TWICE Module (Column Integration Module on older cars) and an OEM key that is brand new (not from Amazon or eBay).

If remote control keys are not locking or unlocking the vehicle, there are a number of possibilities for the cause. The most common cause is a dead coin-cell battery in the key fob, but it could be caused by worn-out buttons, water damage or receiver module issues.

If your problem persists after you have tried all of these, you can try reprogramming the ignition key. This is done by changing (in reverse Hex) the number count to zero in the ECU. In order to do this, you need access to the case of your car key fob. new saab key to accomplish this is by removing the emergency key from the fob. Once you have done this, you can use a screwdriver with a flat head to open the case and expose the battery. Be cautious when doing this and make sure you don’t pour any liquids into the case because they could damage the electronic components inside.

Broken Keys

It can be a frustrating experience to have your keys taken from your vehicle, especially when you don’t own a spare. Fortunately, you can reduce the stress by having replacement keys made by an experienced auto locksmith from Bishopthorpe. It doesn’t matter if you’re located in the middle of nowhere or just a few blocks away, we can provide you with a brand new set of electronic chip keys in no time.

Every Saab since 1995 is required to have an immobilizer in the vehicle, which makes it virtually impossible to steal your car without a key. A special transponder must be incorporated into the keys to allow the car to start and unlock doors. The key also needs a transmitter/transponder chip that needs to be matched with the car’s computer module in order to work. This is something that can only be done at an authorized dealer, using the special tool known as a Tech-2 or a similar type of software.

If the key you have damaged in your ignition or lock, it’s vital that you don’t try to extract it yourself, as it could damage the lock and cause further problems. In the event that you try to force a damaged key out usually only results in breaking the metal key blade or the lock mechanism itself. This can be much more expensive than hiring a locksmith to replace the key.


Saab owners from 1994 and onwards are advised to have two working keys for their vehicle. Replacing just one key can be expensive and difficult. The dealer will need to replace the CIM (Column Integration Module) or TWICE (Theft Warning Integrated Central Electronics) in accordance with the model, and the key itself; plus it will have to be programmed to work with the new module. Keys that are claimed-new from sellers on the aftermarket are usually not properly initialized and will fail to properly program when you need them.

It is not unusual for a battery to wear out on a keyfob following a few use years especially if the device is used frequently for locking and unlocking cars. Fortunately, replacing the battery in most SAAB 9-3 key fob models is simple and does not require any special tools.

A mobile SAAB locksmith can usually do this at a cost that is 75% less than a dealer would charge for the same service. Locksmiths will not need to replace the computer in the car, and will usually reprogram the EEPROM of your current computer to accept the new key. This could help you save money as a brand new computer for your car is costly. This is why it’s logical to call an on-demand SAAB locksmith whenever you require an alternative key fob for your car.