Our Story

Mission Statement

At DG Therapy Group, our mission is to:

  • ENCOURAGE children with disabilities to attain their highest potential within their natural environment through culturally-sensitive and effective family-team effort
  • EMPOWER families through information, confidence and skills that will enable them to advocate for and support the ongoing development of their children
  • IMPROVE the quality of life of children and their families through a multidisciplinary therapy approach designed to minimize the impact of their condition and adjust to their natural environment

We are proud to partner with children with disabilities and their families to improve the quality of life for the whole family.



In early 1997, Diana Gutierrez (CEO) started a home based Physical Therapy business for children and families who are developmental delayed. Her business quickly spread, when the parents began sharing their experiences and challenges with each other. These families knew that their children had an untapped potential and could flourish if they only had the proper support. They identified the strong need for lifelong services that would help their children realize their unique unfounded potential and live as independently as possible.


In 2001, Diana Gutierrez opened a small clinic in Whittier, in order to expand and provide additional treatments to clients in Los Angeles County. After expanding her company, Ms. Gutierrez started the DG Therapy Foundation, a nonprofit to help families with special need children who could not afford therapy services or who were without health insurance.



West Covina Facility

Doing the right thing,
at the right time.




1. Physical Therapy

Physical therapy at DG Therapy Group focuses on improving the child’s gross and fine motor skills.

2. Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy is geared toward helping an individual achieve optimal functionality.

3. Speech & Language Therapy

Our goal is to help children achieve optimal communication abilities and improve their expressive and receptive skills.


Yelp Reviews




My son has been receiving services at DG Therapy for over a year. At first it was only Occupational Therapy (OT), but starting a few months ago we added Physical Therapy (PT) as well. I have nothing but nice things to say about the staff at DG. I saw a comment below about the employees walking around without shoes and that being unprofessional, and I think that needs more explaining. They ask the kids to take off their shoes as well, it’s to keep the therapy rooms and equipment clean and in good condition for all their patients.

Monica who calls me to schedule or reschedule appointments is great and very understanding of the fact that we have a super packed schedule with my son due to his needs. She is not pushy and always tries to accommodate us.

Karley, my son’s OT therapist, is the nicest/sweetest person. She is super patient with him, and in the year that she’s been with him he’s made a number of wonderful improvements.

Diana and Floribel have worked with my son for PT, and although it was a rough start and only a few months in he has made great strides as well.

I will continue to bring my son to DG as long as we see him making positive changes in his development and as long as my interaction with the staff continues to be a positive one.




A year later, and I now have 2 children attending DG Therapy. For my second child, I gave another agency a try just to see what else was out there, but DG truly has more experienced and better equipped therapists by far. I have been exposed to a variety of therapists in different fields (SP, OT, PT, ABA, etc), and now feel that I can gauge when they are efficient and helpful for my children.

I work with 2 different SP’s and both are different in their personalities and approaches, but my children respond well to both. I have to say, it is also very important to be involved as a parent. Ask questions, observe sessions, participate in sessions, and continue the work at home. SP’s can only do so much in an hour session once or twice a week, we as parents have to continue the work at home and beyond for our children to see any benefits. If you see that the therapist is not right for your child, don’t be afraid to speak up and ask for a different one. Children also need an opportunity to get used to the therapist. It’s difficult to see progress after just one session.

I am very grateful for DG Therapy and all the work they have done and will continue to do with my children.



The case manager Tony is very responsible. He coordinate well and respond quickly. The Occupational Therapy Carla is super. She is very patient, very gentle, and get alone with my child so well. I think the most important thing is kid likes her and is willing to learn while playing with her. She doesn’t make kids feel stressful.  I am so glad to get help by Carla. I am not sure why the rating was low, but from my experiences, what they do are wonderful. Highly recommend Carla.