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Upvc Window Locks

upvc window locks are vital to the security of your home and should be checked regularly and maintained. If your uPVC lock mechanism is stiff it could require lubrication.

There are several different types of uPVC handles, such as Espag (or blade), Cockspur (or cockspur) and Spade (or spade). It is important to choose the correct spindle length when replacing a uPVC handle.


The majority of double glazing locks-glazed windows today come with handles known as Espag (also known as multi-point locking). The Espag window handle is different from conventional casement handles in that it operates a series multi-point locks within the frame when turned. The locks can be installed on both uPVC casement windows as well as timber casement window frames, however, they are typically fitted to uPVC.

It is important to measure the spindle of the uPVC espag handle prior to replacing it. This can range between 10mm and 55mm. This is the length of steel that is inserted into the handle’s back and connects to a gearbox in the window. It is crucial to match the spindle size to the replacement. Otherwise the window will not work.

The multi-lock handle is operated with a variety of shoot bolts, roller cams deadbolts, claws and shoot bolts as well as the option of key locking when needed. Some of the newer espag handles are even able to meet PAS 24 and Secure by Design requirements as well.

Generally, a replace upvc door lock mechanism Espag lock is a square spindle of 7mm under the lever, which connects to a lock system that is rebated into the window sash. There are a range of options available to choose from when replacing a uPVC Espag lock repairs near me (thesearchnerd.com write an article), ranging from cranked versions that provide more hand space against the window to straight inline handles that look elegant and discrete. The handles are also available in left and right handed models to match your windows.

We stock a large range of replacement uPVC espag handle from the top brands in the market, including Yale Trojan and Avocet. All of our uPVC handles are made in the UK, and come with a full manufacturer’s warranty. Some of our handles are even available with a keyed-alike version as well. We offer a free fitting for all of our products. This ensures that your replacement uPVC handles are installed correctly using top quality hardware.

Turn and Tilt

A tilt-turn window offers several opening options for ventilation, cleaning and fire escape. They are also extremely secure when closed with multi-point locking mechanisms (some models include up to eight locks!). These windows are very popular in Europe. Their simple-to-use features make them a favourite of homeowners.

uPVC can be a cheap material. Installing it in your home is a wise investment. It is also tough and can withstand harsh weather conditions. Its design reduces the risk of rust and other damages. This makes it a good choice for those on a budget. The windows need only an occasional wipe down every now and again to keep them clean.

Windows can be tilted and opened on two angles: They tilt when ventilation is needed, and they can open like a door when they’re open. They are also more energy-efficient than other types of windows and allow for lock repairs near me good airflow when tilted.

The windows are also simple to clean and have no protruding components, like levers. You can clean your windows from the outside without having to climb an up-and-down ladder or risk falling from the roof. These windows are also simple to close and lock making them a great choice for those who want to improve their home’s security.

If you’re thinking of buying windows you should think about uPVC tilt and turn windows for your home. These windows are extremely popular in Europe and have many advantages over conventional casement windows. They have a sleek, modern appearance and are easy to operate. They are also more secure than other kinds of windows, and they cannot be opened from the outside.

They’re also more energy efficient than other types of windows and help keep your home warm and also reduce noise. They’re also available in variety of finishes and colors to complement your home’s style. These windows are more expensive, but they will last for a long time. They can also increase the value of your home and make it more appealing to prospective buyers.

Tilt and slide

The tilting mechanism enables windows to open up to allow for ventilation, but they can also be locked in a closed position to keep children and pets out. This type of window combines function with the look and design of a sliding glass door which makes it ideal for modern homes. These windows are ideal for people who wish to enjoy their outdoor space without having to worry about bugs or rain.

Sliding windows can be tilted inward to facilitate cleaning. This feature isn’t available on all sliders, however. Only those with tilt-in features allow the sash sash to slide inward for cleaning. You can find out if your sliding windows have this feature by looking at the window’s handle and observing if it has a small “T” inscribed underneath it. If your sliding windows do not have this feature, they can only be opened horizontally from left to right or left to right.

Another benefit of tilt and slide windows is their superior insulation. The design and locking mechanisms of these windows prevent air from leaving your home, allowing you to reduce energy bills during the summer months. This can help you save money and be comfortable all year long regardless of whether you reside in a cold or hot climate.

The tilt and slide window can be opened using just one hand unlike traditional sliders that require effort to move. They are designed with rails on the bottom of the frame, which makes them smoother than sliding windows, and allowing for easier opening. They are easy to use and also provide a security barrier against intrusion.

uPVC Tilt and Slide glazed windows are a great alternative to traditional sliding doors for those who wish to take advantage of the outdoors in their home but don’t have the room for a swinging door. With their simple operation mechanism they can be opened by sliding or tilting inward for efficient ventilation. They also offer soundproofing and reliable protection. These windows come in a variety of colors to match any style of home.

Tilt and lock

The locking mechanism for Tilt-and-Lock is integrated into the handle of European windows made of uPVC. It allows the window to be opened by tilting it from the top, similar to a hopper or opened sideways on hinges like a casement. It provides clean and air-free ventilation. In the tilted position, the window is safe for children and offers an escape route in case in an emergency. The sash is also locked securely in this position to stop burglars from gaining entry to your home.

When shut, the tilt and turn function will lock your window into a tight compression seal. This seal significantly increases your energy efficiency air leakage around sliding windows can cause up to five times the amount of heat or cold lost to your home every hour.

Our window locks use multiple points of contact to ensure greater security. The tilt latches are contained within a sash channel. the hinges have extra locking points to guard against forced entry. This makes our uPVC windows among the most secure on the market.

If your tilt lock isn’t working correctly, check the lever for indications of tampering. It may be necessary to replace door lock the parts when the button was pushed incorrectly or the spring inside the lever has dislodged. If you think that the tilt lock has become sticky due to lack of lubrication, you can apply some machine oil or ruby alcohol to the parts. The Sensei handles are available with a range of finishes that are perfectly to match the windows they work on.

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