Question: How Much Do You Know About Repair Double Glazed Windows?

How to Repair Double Glazed Windows

There are certain indicators that tell you your double-glazed windows must be repaired. Water ingress and draughts are clear indications of damage to the frames of your windows. They should be repaired as soon as is possible.

However, misting could be an indication that your window seals require replacing. Replacing the seals can fix the issue and will stop condensation, draughts, or leaks.

Broken Panes

One of the most common issues a double-glazed window face is broken glass. Although double-pane windows are much harder to break than single-pane ones however, accidents can occur and you’ll need to repair a broken window as quickly as possible.

The first step to take is to remove any glass shards that are not completely removed that are still in the frame. Make sure to wear eye protection and gloves while doing this, as replacement glass double glazing can be very sharp. Examine the floor for loose pieces once the shards are gone. It is also a good idea for you to remove any metal hooks holding the panes together.

After the glass has been removed and the glass is removed, you can begin the process of removing the old compound and glazing points (small fasteners that pin the glass in the window frame) and replacing windows with double glazing them with new ones. It is a long-winded process and you will need a few tools to complete the task. This includes latex glazing putty; metallic glazing points; pliers; heat gun; and a putty knife.

When removing the old glaze compound and points, it’s recommended to begin at the top of the sash, and begin to work your way down. This will prevent getting any of the paint or sash’s wood stuck to the tool. If you’re looking to remove a portion of the wood from the sash, use the utility knife or chipper instead of chemical strippers, which can cause damage.

When you’re done then sand the wood. Once the wood is smooth you can seal it using clear or linseed wood sealer. This will help protect it against water and future damage.

You can use a few quick fixes to repair cracks in a double-pane window. However, these methods will not repair the damage and should only be used as a temporary solution. A silicone caulk can aid in sealing the gap, but it is important to ensure that you use a high-quality caulk that is applied using the proper methods.


If you’ve noticed any moisture or mist between the glass panes of your double glazing, it’s a sign that one of your windows has a broken seal. This could be a major issue since it prevents insulating gas or air from getting trapped between the two panes.

Fortunately, this issue can be easily repaired by an expert in double glazing. The window company will take out both the window sash and window as well as the IGU (insulating unit) to correct the issue. Then, a new gasket will be blown in to create an airtight seal and prevent condensation from occurring again. They will also employ a drying agent to help the area dry out and prevent the condensation from occurring again.

The other reason why you may notice mist between the glass panes of windows with double glazing offers glazing is because the frame has moved over time, which causes cracks in the all-important seal. This can be a problem since it means that your windows won’t work correctly and lose their energy efficiency.

It is possible to replace a double-glazed window’s glass, however, this can be costly and is typically only needed in the event that the window is beyond repair. However, if you’ve discovered the signs of a problem with your double-glazed windows and are still within the warranty period it could be possible to have the issue fixed for free or at least at a lower cost.

It’s worth checking the terms of your warranty before you call the company to find out whether they can resolve the issue without replacing the entire window. Double-glazed windows are usually covered by warranties ranging from 10 and 20 years, so you might find they’re able to repair the damaged window units rather than replacing them completely. If this is the case they’ll likely send out a specialist to fix your double-glazed windows. They usually can accomplish this in a short time. This is a cheaper alternative to buying and installing new double-glazed windows. It’s also better for the environment!

Broken Locks & Handles

If your window handle is broken or hard to open, it can be a huge issue as it hinders you from using your windows. This also gives burglars the chance to gain entry into your home. There are a variety of ways to fix it however the most effective method is to call an uPVC expert. Based on the severity of the issue, they can usually fix it for you or at the very least, provide you with a Replacement Double glazing window handle.

There are a few different kinds of window locks but the most common one is the Maco or Mila locks that are found on most uPVC frames. These locks employ bayonet rods for locking and are very easy to seize up. The handle’s nose is stuck in the popped-out position and it won’t return to its wedged locked position. This can be a gruelling issue, but it can be fixed with just a few steps.

To resolve the issue you must first remove the handle. This should be easy enough with the aid of a screwdriver. After you have removed the handle, you will be able see the screws that secure the lock to frame. After the screws have been removed, you can try to grab the bolts using a wrench or pair of pliers. If this doesn’t work, you may need to insert the tool into the gap between the frame and window (the gap may be different on each end of the window) and then make a “u” shape with your hand to try to grasp the bolts.

You can shut your window by adjusting the handle to the closed position if you’re in a position to release the shoot bolts. The gearbox (espag, espagnolette, etc.) is likely to be damaged, so it will not open by the handle. It is possible to refit the gearbox without the shoot bolts, which means that the window can be opened by the handle (and will still be secure) however, you’ll have to purchase an entirely new handle and gearbox.

Broken Hinges

You may need to replace or repair your uPVC windows hinges if they are not operating smoothly. It could be that the window was opened too forcefully or the hinge snapped. Or, they may have a flaw. It’s simple to replace the hinge, which means you don’t have to purchase new windows.

Remove the hinges. This is done by removing the screws that secure the hinges to the frame. After you’ve removed your hinges you can replace glass in double glazing them with plywood boards that are cut to the right dimensions. Make sure the plywood is more robust than the original board to ensure it is able to support the weight of the window when it is closed and open. You’ll also want to use a wood filler to ensure that the hole that was left by the hinge is completely filled and won’t leak or become loose in the future.

After you’ve re-installed hinges and filled the holes, you’ll need to paint them. Make sure you use a high-quality paint to ensure it lasts as long as it can. Once the paint is dry, you can re-attach the window and tighten any loose screws.

Window hinges also require regular maintenance. Regularly cleaning the track of friction and lubricating hinge mechanisms will ensure they last longer. You can also apply wood preservatives to shield them against the elements. This will help prevent rusting and ensure they look great for as long as you can.

A double-glazed window can help you save money on heating costs, because it’s more energy efficient than a single-glazed window. Like every other component of your home, your windows will eventually require to be replaced or repaired. Our Preston experts can assist you if there are indications that your double-glazed windows are not functioning properly.

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