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Different Kinds of Security Van Locks

There are many types of van security locks that are available. There are numerous options, such as Rep Locks, Slick Locks and Ultilock hook lock. These locks can protect your vehicle however it is crucial to know all the details about each type so you can choose the right lock for your needs.

Rep Locks

Rep Locks are a great option to secure the contents of your vehicle. A typical van owner can lose thousands of pounds of tools, goods and equipment if not protected. A deadlock is a tried and tested way to prevent unauthorized access and may even save you money on your insurance bill.

RepLocks are an excellent choice when you’re in need of an upgrade. It’s not just an effective visual deterrent but allows you to link the security lock to the central locking system of your vehicle to provide additional security. This will enable the door to lock automatically when closed. The lock can also be used to prevent the damage of a previous burglary. LDS Van Security Locks can assist you with any kind of upgrade or complete overhaul.

It’s a fact that a lot of tradespeople are leaving their valuable equipment and tools in the back of their van. Thieves also bend and alter locks to gain easy access to the contents. The rep lock is an ideal solution, however thieves will find ways around it to gain access to valuables. Luckily RepLock is a good choice. RepLock is able to be fitted with a deadlock for a van to give the most secure security.

Although it is true that a RepLock isn’t a good choice for all people, it is a great way to keep valuable items safe. The RepLock’s 50mm diameter lock face is secured by a thick internal reinforcing washer. It also has a large nut for a sturdy grip. On the other hand, a wide steel bezel makes it more difficult to turn and pick.

One of the major issues that plagues many trades is the lack of means of defending their work vehicle. After a long day at work, it’s difficult to take your tools out of your vehicle. LDS Van Security Locks can offer mobile installations of a variety of products which are quick and easy to install. In addition our mobile service is staffed with highly skilled professionals who can offer all the information and advice you need. LDS can supply you with a variety items dependent on your needs, including loom guards and van security door locks repair plates, DPD Slam Locls, and more.

RepLocks are reasonably priced. Usually, you can get this high security replacement for the aforementioned’standard’ door lock for under two hundred pounds. This is a reasonable price for the security of your valuables. Selecting the most suitable RepLock for your vehicle will provide you with peace of mind that you don’t have to be worried about a burglary that could take your money.

Slick Locks

Slick Locks van locking systems are cutting-edge and superior to the rest. They’re designed to provide the simplest, cheapest and most efficient security solutions you can buy. They are the most preferred locking system for vans for large fleets due to their ease of installation.

Slick Locks PUCK LOCKS are constructed from high-quality steel They are as durable as they are safe. They come with steel shank keys that are stronger than brass keys. They offer a broad range of features , including a tamper-proof lock box, integrated alarm and an optional weather protection. If you’re looking to upgrade your security system for your fleet, you may think about Slick Locks as your next go-to provider.

Slick Locks has an excellent customer service staff. They will be happy to answer any questions you might have. You can also trust them to provide the right recommendationsbecause they truly know their stuff. They can also bring you up to speed with their new products, no matter how rapid. So, if you’re in the market to upgrade your van’s security, be sure to check out their latest offerings and get a no-cost quote today. If you’re looking to learn hands-on, they even have a demonstration van. Call them at 844-344-3897. They’ll assist you in choosing the most suitable Slick Locks security van locks for your requirements! Keep in mind, Slick Locks isn’t just for commercial vehicles. They’re compatible with most major vehicle manufacturers. Let A&K Equipment update your van’s security by installing Slick Locks and you’ll be well on your way to better safety, better business, and the peace of mind that comes from knowing your most important items are secure and safe.

Ultilock hook lock

Hook locks are a great option to increase the security of vans. They are effective in preventing thieves and carjackers and can be installed on the back or side doors of your van. With a premium quality hook lock you can rest assured that you are protecting your vehicle from theft.

Hook locks work by inserting the hook made of metal into a receiving bracket. This makes it difficult to force open, and also acts as a visual deterrent. The hook is attached to a metal bar that is looped over the door of the van. It is a strong and durable mechanism that can be used conjunction with a high-security key. The lock is not able to be opened by the hook bolt if it is engaged.

The stainless steel hook-shaped locking bolts have a high resistance to breaking and are made of top-quality steel. While a typical deadlock can be installed on all van doors, a hook-style lock is more effective for vans.

The hooklock for vans is a highly secure and cost-effective alternative to traditional locks and key systems. It’s easy to put on the rear and side doors and operates with a high-security key. To ensure that your van hook lock is correctly installed, it’s an ideal idea to call a professional locksmith.

It is expensive to install van hook locks, but it is a worthwhile investment. Many insurance companies will reduce the insurance premiums if you can prove that you have additional security features on your van. A van security door locks (https://www.thekeylab.co.uk/van-security) hook lock is an excellent option to secure your valuable products from theft.

Cargo theft is increasing in recent years. To gain access to vehicles, thieves typically use the use of crowbars or sharp objects. The use of crowbars in vans can increase the risk that it could be damaged. Hook locks offer extra security and in preventing damage caused by the crowbars.

Van Guard offers a number of hook locks for vans. One of the most popular is the ULTI Lock Hooklock. These hook locks are rated by Sold Secure as one of the highest graded locks in the UK.

The ULTI Lock Hooklocks conform to the Police Preferred Specification and are certified by Secure by Design. This is the only van hook lock that has attained this status. In contrast to other van hook locks, the ULTI Lock Hooklocks are designed to function independently from the central locking system.

Sold Secure, the UK’s most reliable testing facility for security products is certified and tested ULTI Lock Hooklocks. The tests covered drill attacks manipulation of the case, Van security door locks and most well-known methods for breaking into homes. Since the ULTI Lock Hooklock is certified by Sold Secure, it is considered to be one of the best van security solutions on the market.

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